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"Wizard Analytics has taken the pain out of cleaning statement of values and has created a process to seamlessly upload data into management tools. The SOV Wizard provides data consistency and significant efficiency. This software solves a problem the industry has desperately needed."

Kimberly Rhodes
President at Curotech Specialty

Make Your SOV
Problems Disappear !

Stop wasting precious time and money on cleaning SOVs. Eliminate data redundancies and silos.

Harness the true power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with SOV Wizard - the fastest SOV cleaning tool on the planet!


Instantly verify & map all your SOV Data

Rooftop mapping of geocodes, street views of the property and several other unparallelled visualisation tools to give underwriters, catastrophe modellers and actuaries the most accurate view of their SOV data at every stage.

Visualize raw SOVs like never before

The more data you feed it, the smarter it gets! SOV Wizard automatically charts all your (location and property value) data giving you fully comprehensive and entirely customisable reports for supremely accurate risk assessment and analysis.

Populate missing data effortlessly

Hate filling in the blanks all day? SOV Wizard's AI & ML technology automatically completes missing data fields accurately. Source data from our integrated database with HazardHub and/or crowdsource the information you need from SOV wizard users and save yourself tonnes of valuable time!

...and loads of other indispensable features


Clean SOVs accurately and efficiently without ever leaving Excel